Since our inception in 1989, Compumeric has been a diversified manufacturer of proprietary fabricated metal products. The factory and offices, located in the southern California city of Ontario, has successfully implemented a long-term strategy to transition from a job-shop, supplying parts built to customer specifications, to a manufacturer of proprietary product lines.


Having successfully launched several branded product lines, the company continues to seek out niche market opportunities.

With an infrastructure of modern facilities, state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, a first-rate computerized business system, and an exceptional action-oriented staff of manufacturing professionals, Compumeric is well positioned to continue serving existing market sectors and to launch new product lines as opportunities are recognized.


Compumeric currently operates under two trademarked names to support diverse markets:

#1 Manufacturer or Bear Resistant
Enclosures in the World
Manufacturer of Quality, Affordable Waste,
Recycle and Collection Systems
  • Bear Resistant Food Storage Lockers
  • Bear Resistant Trash Cans
  • Bear Resistant Recycle Bins
  • Bear Resistant Dumpsters
  • Bear Resistant Residential Solutions
  • Hot Coal Containers
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Full Line of Trash Cans and Recycle Bins
  • Advertising Trash Cans and Recycle Bins
  • Homeland Security Compliant Trash Cans and Recycle Bins
  • Medical Waste Kiosks
  • Textile Collection Bins
  • Several Methods to Show Graphics and Advertising
  • Custom Fabrication